Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art (for those who can't do nail art)

I will willingly own up to not having any nail art skills to speak of. In fact, I can hardly get one colour on neatly. But Halloween is a time to put in a bit of extra effort and I've found a way to get Halloween friendly fingers without any artistry or special equipment is these very easy bloody nails! 

You just need two colours, one blood red (which can be bright or dark depending on preference for freshly drawn blood or old dry blood!), the other can be anything really though I tend to for for something neutral, even fleshy. I've seen this look work brilliantly over black nails too though!

First paint your nails all over with your base colour - I used one of the L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium Polishes (not sure of the name, if it has one!) that most closely matches my skin tone. 

Then just daub on your bloody splatters and drips with your red polish. You could probably get a more defined look with dotting tools or thin brushes but I've always just used the polish bottle brush!

OK so this isn't the most convincing attempt I've ever made of this look but you get the general idea! 
What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Fashion - New Look T-Shirts

If you saw my last post you may have spotted some cute little ways of adding a Halloween twist to your outfits - but if spooky jewellery and creepy accessories are a bit too subtle for you, then a way of being more obvious in your Halloween participation without opting for a full-on costume is to adopt one of these cute Halloween-themes T-Shirts from New Look:

Lets Hang Out - £17.99 Pumpkin - £7.99 Skeleton - £14.99 Bite Me - £7.99 Trick - £7.99

I think my favourite is the Pumpkin - what about you? 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween Fashion - Jewellery and Accessories

Much as I love Christmas, it's not as fun to dress up for as Halloween. As well as the more traditional full costumes there's loads of ways in which spooky twists can be given to an everyday outfit!

Here are a few of my favourite halloween accessories this year:

My picks for Halloween Jewellery this year come from Cheap Frills - the horror-inspired black and white jewellery would make great outfit additions any time of year but would be particularly suited for Halloween. The Corpse Bride necklace (£8) is a brilliantly creepy alternative to a more traditional cameo necklace, and the Mr & Mrs Frankenstein earrings (£8) have a fabulously retro vibe. but my favourite is the Wednseday Addams Neckalce (£12) - my childhood hero of weirdness and creepiness!

Jewellery aside, there's plenty of other cute accessories for creating a Halloween mood - one of my favourite options is the Pumpkin Beanie (£12) from ASOS is more cute than creepy but still undeniably halloweeny, and the same could be said for the rather adorable cross-body pumpkin bag (£18). The Spiderweb eyelashes (£5.99) are a very subtle and pretty way of spooking up a Halloween outfit!

* Images taken from respective websites

Friday, 11 October 2013

Who's That Girl?

It's the day we've all been waiting for - new episodes of New Girl hit UK TV tonight!
I can't wait, it feels like it's been so long and I'm really looking forward to a lot of things this season, mainly to see what happens with Nick and Jess (soooooo cute!), but one good pull of the show is always Zooey Deschanel's adorable outfit!

To celebrate the return of my favourite show, I've been asked to put together a new girl inspired outfit from Debenhams. I absolutely love Jess's style, so this challenge was right up my street, I'd love to hear how you think I did! 

Jess's fashion choices tend towards the girly and fun, and there's not much she seems to like more than a cute red dress! This Yumi Dress reminded me so much of the one she wears in the into sequence, one that I associate so completely with her and her bright personality! It has the same 3/4 length sleeves, pleated skirt and fitted top, but the slightly darker colour and the leather-look neckline give this dress more of a 'UK Autumn' spin on Jess's Californian Summer original.

My second choice was this gorgeous Joe Browns Blazer. Though Jess's style is feminine, she does often make the effort to look a little smarter and more professional, especially at work. This jacket strikes the perfect balance between 'sensible teacher' and 'quirky fashion lover'.

Jess matches pretty much any ensemble with one of what seems to be a huge collection of ballet flats. She seems to have them in all colours and often chooses ones that contrast or clash with the rest of the outfit. But black are always a good choice, and one Jess often turns to herself - I thought these would work best considering the amount of different colours in the detailing on the jacket, as well as the lovely red of the dress.

So what do you think of my outfit? Would Jess wear it? Would you?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Design your own bags!

Over the summer I fell in love completely with the sweet pastel coloured mini satchel bags from Brit-Stitch.

This love hasn't abated with the change of weather, but this season its the bright jewel coloured leathers that have really caught my eye.

Recently though, Brit-Stitch have started offering a service to make these gorgeous little bags even more exciting, a design-you-own service!

There are two sizes of bag to choose from, the half-pint (the mini one that has stolen my heart), and the milkman (also very handsome but not quite as cute!). You then get to choose three colours to cover the sides, straps, buckles and body of the bag.

Here's my ideal bag for the autumn!

Isn't she beautiful? My ideal little bag would set me back £80, which for a customised and beautifully made bag seems like a very fair price. Unfortunately not something I can treat myself to just yet, but it's not too long 'til Christmas now and this is going firmly on my list!

Do you like the idea of choosing the colours for your own bag? What would you have gone for?

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