Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bikini Wish List

Since I've been working on my 'bikini body' (a full update to come really soon but I'm down 6lbs so far!), and it's holiday season, it couldn't hurt to take a look at some of the bikinis currently avaialable!

There are some beautiful two pieces on the market at the minute, but theses are just a couple of my favourites:

The lemon print bikini is from Topshop (32.00), and is fresh, fruity and flirty and would be perfect for lying around the pool in the sunshine.

Motel's Opal halterneck bikini with the floral 'cottage garden' pattern (£35) is a bit more flesh-covering for the more shy bikini wearers, I love the vintage cut and bold print.

My third choice also had a vintage vibe - the Daisy Print Bikini (Top £16.99 and Bottoms £10.99) is from Kelly Brook's range at New Look. As well as being completely adorable, the frill around the bottoms would distract from any less than perfect bits, and the top looks like it would be quite supportive.

Lastly, I just couldn't resist the fun print and the contrasting colours on the Red or Dead 'Fly By' Bikini available from Simply Beach (currently on sale at £26.50)!

What's your favourite bikini this season?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Very Clearance Outfit Challenge

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts for ages and I do like a challenge, so when I spotted on twitter that Very Clearance were challenging bloggers to put together an outfit for less than £50 I wanted to make sure I had a go - a £50 outfit is my kind of price!

I know we are supposed to be in summer, but as I sat down to tackle this post, the sky is grey and the rain looks like it's on it's way if it's not here already - so I couldn't bring myself to put together a really summery outfit, so here's what I went for instead:

I loved the shoes so much that I definitely wanted to include them and thought they'd compliment the red skater dress beautifully, then added the tights and cardigan for added warmth! As well as the cooler summer days, I think this outfit could be warn throughout autumn and winter too, making it a fabulous all-year-rounder for an amazing price of less than £30!

Before this challenge I didn't even realise Very had an ebay clearance store so I'll definitely be keeping my eye on there for bargains in the future!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Father Day Gift Guide - some last minute ideas!

Does anybody else leave their gift buying 'til the last minute? Despite knowing for ages that Fathers Day is coming up, I still haven't bought my dad his present!
If anyone else is still in the same boat, here's a few ideas I have come across while researching the perfect gift for my old man!

Now I'm not for a second suggesting you buy your dad a shiny new fast car (unless he's been very very good!), but if he happens to be a car lover I can imagine may dads loving the chance to drive something sexy and speedy without fear of trouble for going 'too fast')! have a range of driving experiences starting from just £39, as well as loads of other dad-friendly experience gifts such as visits to famous sporting venues! Is your dad more of a Wimbledon or a Wembley man?

I spotted these Vinyl Clocks on twitter and I think this would be perfect for my dad, who has the largest Vinyl collection I know. The one shown is the Beatles classic Hey Jude 7" single, but there are so many different ones available they're bound to have something from your dads favourite band! These are all made from authentic records, not just mock-ups, and it's such a fun idea!

Though I'm not sure what my mum would think of having it up in the living room!

Something that I'm sure my mum would be happy to have in the house as well as my dad is a new coffee machine like this handsome beast from Hope and Glory. The machines come in a gorgeous array of colours to complement any kitchen, and a coffee 'starter kit' is available as a month;y 'coffee club option', for the gift that keeps giving! At £349 this machine isn't the cheapest gift option but could make a great combined gift between siblings.

Personalised Father's Day photo gift Mugs

If this is beyond your budget but you still want to appeal to a coffee loving patriarch, how about a personalised coffee mug instead? Freephotoprinting is a great place to check out where all the best deals on photo printing and personalised gifts can be found! A mug has been one of my go-to gift ideas for years and my parents cupboards must be full of them going back years by now!

I still haven't decided what I'm going to get but I haven't got a lot of time left! eek!
What is the best thing you've ever bought your dad as a present?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Fantasy Workout Outfit

My new found dedication to my fitness lifestyle has left me with not as much time to post as I'd like (definitely because I've been spending time at the gym, and nothing to do with hours wasted watching The Voice) and I've been struggling for inspiration for my next post... until it struck me - you really can't take exercising too seriously without a brand new work out outfit!

Here's what I would be wearing if I could!

Firstly, the Zaggora Capri pants - I've been obsessed with the idea of these for ages - the clever material helps you lose extra weight while you exercise and I've seen fantastic reviews of them. I also love the cool purple colour and the waistband for covering the  bits that aren't as tight as I'd like them to be (yet!).

The sports bra (very important!), trainers and vest are all by Nike and all available from JD Sports. I honestly don't have any particular brand loyalty for Nike, it just so happened that there's were the products that most drew my eye. I know no one will be seeing the bra, but it's in one of my favourite colours and the black vest to cover it looked loose and comfortable - great for working out! I adore the trainers, the colours against the black are so striking, I feel like I could run miles in these!

And of course, it's so much easier to get lost in the moment if you have some great working out music, for which you need some snazzy earphones! I love the look of the Bass Buds earphones - they have memory foam ear buds so I imagine must be really comfortable (I hate the hard ones!), MP3 controller that works with any smart phone so it's easy to skip tracks with out losing momentum, and come in a huge array of beautiful colours!

I know it doesn't really matter what you wear (as long as it's safe and comfortable!) but I'd feel very motivation in this outfit!