Friday, 28 December 2012

Daxon VIP Fashion Blogger Opportunity

Hello ladies (and gentlemen?)

I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas! I've been enjoying some lovely down time, spending time with my lovely family and not being at work!
I'd planned staying off the blogging over the Christmas period but wanted to let you know about a great blogger opportunity with Daxon.
They are offering fashion bloggers to become part of their blogger network, and be rewarded with a £50 amazon voucher, just by letting other people know about it!

All the information about how to join can be found here, and for a little insight into what they have to offer, here are a couple of my favourite accessories from their site:

Let me know if you join the network too!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A-Z of Fashion: H

If you've not already seen me struggling my way through this A-Z, I'm referring to the one issued by Glamour Magazine that you can find here. H, they tell us, is for Heels, and to achieve the seasons key footwear look "Wear heels that have a chunky or kooky heel. Pencil-thin stilettos are not in favour this season."

For me, when I think of 'shoes' and 'kooky', I think 'Irregular Choice', and LGJGthe heels on both these pairs are fantastic! I love how the printed heels on 'Krazy Karen' really alter what would otherwise be quite a simple (though still very pretty) pair of shoes, and how the heels on 'I'm Bossy' add to a wonderfully whimsical design.

Interesting heels are also available from the usual high street suspects, such as these from Topshop - the metallic pointed heel of the Plasma shoes (£95), and the highly decoraticve laser cut Lily Wing Courts by CJG (£130).

A couple of cheaper alternatives for the animal print lover, the Ruby Rocks snake trim heels (£40), available from Barratts, and the leopard print block heels from New Look (a bargain at £10!).

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Jumpers!

I'm starting to feel so so Christmassy! The tree is up, presents are bought and (some of them are) wrapped, and I'm working through my Christmas film list. To celebrate the joys of the season, here are a few of my favourite Christmas jumpers!

Cat Jumper - New Look £16.99   Snowman Hoodie - New Look £16.99   Green Reindeer Jumper - Dorothy Perkins £30   Grey Snowflake Jumper - Dorothy Perkins £28   Candycane Jumper - Topshop £50   Wine Festive Jumper - Oh My Love £27.30   Reindeer Jumper - Daisy Street £23.99

I love Christmas, and I love a good Christmas jumper - cosy and fun and just a little bit ridiculous, the best things about Christmas in an item of clothing!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A-Z of Fashion: G

Glamour Magazine's A-Z of winter fashion trends tells us that G stands for Gloves - "The longer, the better. Elbow-length leather ones are the It-accessory of the season."

I don't think Glamour were referring to the multi-coloured knitted versions of gloves I like in this weather, but an altogether more sophisticated affair. If you want to look classy yet warm this season, here are a couple of good options:

The first pair are from Marks and Spencer (£69) and come in black as well as the colour shown. A slightly cheaper alternative, the middle ones are from ASOS as £33.50, and the Debenhams ones (£25) are velvet for a softer alternative to leather.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Barratts Christmas Challenge

Anyone who has read this blog before knows I can't resist an outfit challenge, so when I heard there was one to win Barratts shoes over at kel loves blog, I thought I might as well have a go - after all, I'm trying to plan a christmas party outfit anyway!

You can find all the details here if you wanted to have a go, but essentially you have to put together an outfit from one of a choice of Christmas scenarios: A Christmas party, walk in a winter wonderland, Christmas day, or a long day of Christmas shopping! The outfit just had to include footwear from Barratts.

With this in mind, I thought I'd start foot first, and have a look through what Barratts had to offer and work on my outfit around that. I was originally looking for some lovely winter boots - I'm a fan of practical footwear in bad weather as falling over is never a fashionable look - but then I saw these adorable dalmation print platforms (£30) and knew I had to include them!
The rest of the outfit fell in around the shoes really. I wanted to keep it quite simple to make the footwear the focus, but black isn't very Christmassy and I love this deep red that suits the season so well - the dress is from Topshop (£65.00).
I imagine a well-heated party venue, but to keep the chill off going to and from party I added the cute biker jacket from New Look (£39.99).
The clutch is also from Barratts (£42.00) - did you realize they did bags too? I didn't! - and I just love the ruffled texture of it.
And then to finish the outfit off, my favourite festive nail varnish at the minute, China Glaze Ruby Pumps (£5.95), as nothing says Christmas Party like a bit of red glitter!

Hope you all like my outfit!
Did you enter too - leave links if you did, I'd love to check out your entry!

Monday, 3 December 2012

A-Z of fashion: F

Glamour magazine's A-z of Autumn Winter fashion trends tells is F is for 'Femme Fatale'. To achieve this look, they suggest: Dress like a dynamite diva with long leather gloves, 'innocent' pussy blow blouses with sheer panels and skin-tight pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts are such a wonderfully feminine and classic addition to any wardrobe, and this houndstooth pencil skirt (£23) and the embossed skirt in this seasons wonderful wine colour (£15), both from Lavish Alice, are no exceptions.

The 'sweetness' of the white pussy bow blouse from Boohoo (£20) is given a more 'femme fatale' edge by the sheer material, while the low cut neckline and deep colour have a similar effect on the Lipsy (£38) offering.

I couldn't of course cover this trend without including a couple of my favourite femme fatale dresses - the cherry red figure hugging ponte pencil dress from Topshop (£46), and leopard print Dorothy Perkins dress fir showing off your wilder side!
The Glamour guide did suggest long gloves to complete the look but as they get their own entry under 'G' coming up next, I thought I'd leave them til then!