Thursday, 14 November 2013

Awkward Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year so when I was asked to take part in the F&F Awkward Christmas campaign I jumped at the chance - anything festive gets me really excited! The idea is a simple one, send in pictures of your favourite Christmas fashion items as inspiration! 

Much as I love a good crazy Christmas jumper, it's become such an obvious move now that it doesn't seem like any real effort towards festive fun has been made... anyone can take ONE Christmas item, like my old favourite reindeer dress or seasonal cardigan....:

But the real joy, to key to making it really awkward, is in the layering! Reindeers ON reindeers! This is not a Christmas outfit that just fell together, oh no, this takes a serious lack of taste! 

It should of course be teamed with a some form of festive headpiece, a santa hat or something out of a cracker perhaps! It's definitely the look I'll be going for on Christmas morning - how about you? 

If your festive wardobe is lacking so far, there's still plenty of time to add to your clothing collection and have so many great options to choose from!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Latecomers Secret Santa?

I know there's a lot of Secret Santas and Christmas Swaps already organised for this year, but a lot of these seem to have closed already for applications, so as someone who can't think about Christmas until Bonfire Night is finished, I've missed out on signing up to any.
I know I can't be the only one who is disorganised, so if anyone else would like to take part in a big Christmas swap then I'm only too happy to arrange it!
If anyone is interested lease just leave me a comment, or drop me an email at
I'll leave applications open until the 25th November, and send out match details on the 26th - If we call the last posting date 15th December that should leave plenty of time for shopping! I'm going to suggest a £10 budget, as it's enough to buy fun things without breaking the bank for most people, but if anyone has anything different in mind just say and I'll do my best to accommodate!
Hope to hear from you!

#BritishBloggerSelection week 2 - Q&A

If you saw my last post you'll have read all about #BritishBloggerSelection - a group of bloggers posting each week on a set topic. This week the post is a Q&A, with questions set by the organiser Ellie. So without further ado, here are my answers! 

Question One: Why do you like blogging?
There are very few people I know in the real world that are interested in fashion and other girly things that I can talk to. I work in a predominantly male environment and get bored of hearing football-talk so it's nice to have a little space where I can talk about the things that interest me! 
Question Two: How did you come up with your blog name?
I liked 'fantasy fashionista' because that's the only place I'm really fashionable - in my fantasies! A combination of finances, restrictive work dress codes and lack of confidence means most of my actual outfits are far from groundbreaking!
Question Three: Where from the UK do you come from?
The cold north! Yorkshire, to be more precise. 
Question Four: Favourite colour?
It changes all the time! At the minute I'm loving autumnal rusts and mustards, but give me a week and it could be something completely different! 
Question Five: Do you like Lana Del Ray?
I'll be entirely honest here and say that I don't really have a strong opinion one way or another - I don't know enough about her! 
Question Six: Hidden Talents That You Have?
I unfortunately don't have any particular skills or talents I'm afraid! I might have to work on something special for next time I am asked this! 

Question Seven: Celebrity Crush?
I have a soft spot for Chris Hemsworth - it's not the muscles, honest, it's the eyes and smile! 
Question Eight: Favourite Blog Of All Time?
It's such a tough one and I think I answer this differently every time I'm asked it but at the minute I'm really loving Becky Bedbug - not only is her blog beautiful to look at but Becky is adorable and hilarious! 

Question Nine: What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I don't get to spend as much time networking and on twitter etc as I know a lot of other bloggers do so I thought this would be a really nice way of getting to know other bloggers in our own cosy little community! And to that end, if you are involved in #BritishBloggerSelection I'd love for you to leave your links in the comments so I can come say hello!

Saturday, 2 November 2013


This is just a little post to tell you about a fun new blogger project you can be part of!

Ellie from Little Vintage Camera thought it would be a great idea to get as many British bloggers as possible to participate by all posting on a similar theme each week.

The posts can be of any kind; fashion, beauty, baking, anything - guided by a key word!

The theme for this week is Halloween but I already did my Halloween posts before finding out about #BritishBloggerSelection so haven't marked them as such - but I'm looking forward to finding out what next weeks these is!

If you would like to be included, just email Ellie at with your fist and last names, blog name and blog URL to be included on the list!