Thursday, 16 January 2014

Introducing Bidworld

I do love to be the bearer of good news and what I have today is something that could be potentially very exciting to fashion fans and bargain hunters everywhere! I've just heard about a new auction website that has some great benefits over a more well known site.... (I don't really need to say the e-word, do I?)

Bidworld has a lot in common with its larger competitor, but with some big differences to really help out both sellers and buyers. Most importantly, once the initial standard insertion fee (of 90p) is paid for the listing, that's it. No commission is charged - all the money from the sale of the item goes back to the seller. This can potentially make a massive difference to the amount of money made by regular sellers! In turn this can help out buyers, because if sellers don't have to take commission deductions into consideration they may have a bit more wriggle-room when it comes to sale price!

At the minute this is a pretty new site to the range of things to buy isn't massive. The benefits of this of course is that if you do spot something you like on there, at the minute there will be less people to outbid you and so a higher chance of snatching yourself a real bargain! There's not a lot of fashion based items currently on the go but I've made myself an account and should hopefully have the beginnings of my Christmas clear out up there for bidding on at the weekend! (I'll link to the items on twitter as they go up so keep an eye out!)

If all that isn't exciting enough then there's still a chance to with an iPod shuffle by being one of the first 150 users to sign up! 

You can also follow Bid World on twitter or facebook to keep up to date with any new developments! Plus they are currently offering free listings til the end of the month, so if you do have any bits to get rid of there's literally nothing to lose by trying it out!

I'm definitely impressed by the potential of this new site, I think it could be huge and it's really exciting to be able to get on board at such an early stage! Get yourself signed up and see if you can bag a bargain!

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