Thursday, 14 November 2013

Awkward Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year so when I was asked to take part in the F&F Awkward Christmas campaign I jumped at the chance - anything festive gets me really excited! The idea is a simple one, send in pictures of your favourite Christmas fashion items as inspiration! 

Much as I love a good crazy Christmas jumper, it's become such an obvious move now that it doesn't seem like any real effort towards festive fun has been made... anyone can take ONE Christmas item, like my old favourite reindeer dress or seasonal cardigan....:

But the real joy, to key to making it really awkward, is in the layering! Reindeers ON reindeers! This is not a Christmas outfit that just fell together, oh no, this takes a serious lack of taste! 

It should of course be teamed with a some form of festive headpiece, a santa hat or something out of a cracker perhaps! It's definitely the look I'll be going for on Christmas morning - how about you? 

If your festive wardobe is lacking so far, there's still plenty of time to add to your clothing collection and have so many great options to choose from!


  1. well I have to say this just looks amazing! i love the reindeer on reindeer look!