Friday, 6 December 2013

BHS Christmas

I remember a time when TV adverts were just a sign that you had chance to put the kettle on before the rest of the programme came on.

Then, as more people seemed to be watching TV on demand or by catching up on previously recorded shows instead of watching live, adverts were often fast-forwarded or missed altogether.

But for some reason, that all gets turned on its head come Christmas time. I don't know if it's because we are all looking for gift ideas, we are all caught up in the spirit of consumerism, or that shops just put more effort into their advertising at this time of year, but it seems this year that the Christmas Adverts have got more people talking than anything else on TV at the moment!

John Lewis seem to be the first to have started this trend, with people counting down to the first airing of their ad this year and may tears shed at the lovely animated tale of Bear and Hare, but plenty of others seem to be following suit and coming up with their own mini-movies.

One that I have been loving at the minute that I think deserves more attention is the new BHS advert:

I've always loved BHS for Christmas gifts, but I do sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with choice when Christmas shopping! Th advert not only highlighted spot some fantastic gift ideas for pretty much everyone I need to buy for this year (including a couple of things I wouldn't mine finding in my own stocking!) but did so with a real sense of magic and wonder and fun that is integral to any big shopping spree at this time of year!

Did you see anything on there that you'd like to find under your tree in a few weeks?  

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  1. i have a lot of stuff in my list dear :) lovely post :) would you like to follow each other :) xx