Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Perfect Winter Collection by Mistral Clothing

Since I have my hands full this week trying to get my Christmas shopping organised, I have something a bit different for you today - a great guest post introducing a fabulous and winter-friendly fashion brand - enjoy!

The Perfect Winter Collection by Mistral Clothing

Every year around this time, sweaters and knitwear make their ways out of the wardrobe and onto the streets, but there is a lot more you could do with your outfit this year.

Here we highlight some of the most beautiful clothing that you can add to almost any outfit:

Scoop Neck Diagonal Seam Peplum Ladies Cardigan 

Winter clothing is often emphasised with a number of layers; not only does this keep you warm but it is great to blend colours and materials. This cardigan is a great example to give your outfit that texturised and fluted feel. It is a beautiful blustery colour too which would look great with a slightly lighter coloured underlay.

Plain Tights – Fig Coloured 

Made from a thick cotton, your legs will be well insulated and look striking. Built to outlast the wintery chill, you can add another subtle tone to your outfit which can be mixed and matched with a number of different styles and colours. Fig is a beautiful winter colour and will not look out of place among your knitwear.

Multi Spot Wellies 

With snow an inevitability according to most weather reports, wellies are a must-have and what better way to wear wellies than a spotted pair? Practical and original, these wellies will see you through snow, rain, slush and mud whilst walking the dog or having a stroll to walk off the Christmas turkey. Comfort and quality is important too, and these wellies have that in abundance. They look great with tights, leggings and jeans too.

Women’s Scarf – Tree Print 

Scarves fly off the shelf around this time of year but it is equally as important to have a scarf that can be worn throughout the seasons and keep you warm in the winter and still be fashionable in the spring and summer months. This lightweight tree-printed scarf is finished in another versatile fabric, which will fall beautifully around your neck onto a Mistral coat or cardigan.

Be prepared for the chill of winter this year, and look gorgeous in the process with a seasonal wardrobe courtesy of Mistral Clothing.

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