Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Koalabi Boots

Winter seems to be well and truly upon us, and a warm pair of boots is a must in this cold weather!
While Uggs have been the sheepskin boot of choice for many for a good long while now, I've recently discovered another Australian company to rival them!

Koalabi create similar high quality sheepskin boots, and have recently come to the UK! Their footwear is suitable for all weathers as they are insulated to keep the cold out but also absorb excess moisture, letting your feet breathe.

As well as this, the fleecy lining of the boots moulds to the shape of your feet, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. I know I'd love to get my feet into a pair of these this winter!

The pair I'd most like to get myself into are the classic short boots in 'purple raisin'. At £109 these come in quite a bit cheaper than their equivalent in Uggs, and are available in a range of other colours if purple isn't your thing. I also really like the red and blue ones as I do like a bit of colour on otherwise grey days, but if you are more of a boot traditionalist you can also get these in more common colours such as chestnut, black and chocolate. The classics also come in a long and extra short variety, but I think the 'short' ones are just the right length for me!

The classics are not the only range available from Koalabi though, they also come in a variety of styles including buckled, buttoned and laced - here are some of my other favourites!

Do you think you could be tempted to consider an exciting new brand over a more established one?

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